Using MBS USB plugin

Does anyone have any samples of using the MBS USB plugins for HID USB communications?

I successfully find the device that I’m looking for, I can see its device path and I can connect without an error but I am unable to send or receive to/from the device.

The device I’m experimenting with is a CCS PIC24 demo board, it comes with a test program in VB and it communicates successfully so I know the demo program is running properly.

for newer things, I recommend HIDAPI as it is one class for Mac, Win and Linux.
But you still need very detailed technical information for the protocol your device talks.


You can use InstallCallback and than implement the ReceivedData event in a subclass of MacHIDMBS.
in that event you get whatever data arrives. Did you try that?

Success! I managed to do a slight re-write of the USB HID Test example and am now able to send a request message signal to my PIC demo board and on receipt of the request message character it sends five 16 byte packets which display the message in an edit field in Window1. I can provide my sample code if anyone is interested.

you can always send me a copy to include in future plugin releases.
I appreciate some comments about what device you used, what protocol is and what difficulties you had.