Using MacOSLib Webinar - Links & Info

I will be guest-hosting the Using MacOSLib webinar at 1 PM EDT today and thought it might be handy to distribute some links and other information ahead of time. I’ll put these in context at the webinar.

Apple Online Documentation

MacOSLib Project

Kem’s MacOSLib Repo

How It Should Have Ended YouTube Series

(Ok, that last one has nothing to do with MacOSLib, but it’s a really, really funny series.)

Shout Out

The main contributors to the MacOSLib project in no particular order:

  • @Charles Yeomans
  • @Thomas Tempelmann
  • @Stéphane Mons
  • @Vidal van Bergen
  • Me
  • You?

Play Along

If you want to play along with the presentation, you can find the test project I’ll be using here.

Starting time bump.