Using gzip.dll


I’m in the progress of converting a huge project from RB2007R4 to Xojo2014r2.1. In RB2007 we used the gzip.rbx plugin a lot. What is the replacement plugin to use in Xojo?

Can I use the old Gzip.rbx plugin? I do get a warning: Old-style constructor methods are no longer supported. You should use "constructor" instead
I see internally Xojo uses the Gzip.dll so I really would wonder why they did not expose this to us programmers.

Really hope Xojo made a replacement as this is a 240.000 line project and I would hate to have to say to my client that a basic thing like compressing is not supported in Xojo.

Note: we would prefer not tot use third party plugins, or the compression/decompression should guarantee to be 100% compatible with the old Gzip.rbx plugin as a lot of the other parts of the the complete project will still be in RB2007 and continue to use zlib.rbx


Either update plugin or switch to a plugin which works better, e.g. MBS Plugins.

@Christian Schmidt Yes, we’re probably will go for your compress plugin, but we need to be sure gz files created with the old gzlib.rbx can be read in your plugin and visa versa. Moreover, the created gzipped files can come from several other programming languages (like java, .NET, php) and return to those other languages.

gz is a simple file format and supported by zlib library. We use that in our plugin, so the format should be same for all other plugins using same library. no worries.

[quote=131669:@Alain Bailleul]Hi,

Can I use the old Gzip.rbx plugin? I do get a warning: Old-style constructor methods are no longer supported. You should use "constructor" instead[/quote]

This message does not mean the plgin no longer works, just that the method you are using to access it is no longer supported. Check the LR with the present method as keyword, it will take you to the new way.

See it is possible they have something about the dll.

Have you looked here

The source is available.
Maybe you can adapt it so you can use it again?

Hm, now I’m confused.
gzip.rbx is the project I just pointed to
gzlib.rbx i don’t know about

Typo @Dirk Cleenwerck gzip.rbx of course :slight_smile:

As the compress plugin of Christian is only 29 euro and prilimary tests show its compatible with gzip.rbx I may be able to convince my client to go for this (they are not big fans on plugins without having the source code, but I’ll try). And I’ll probably spend more time (and money) trying to correct the old .rbx plugin to be able to work with xojo. Maybe if I have more time later I may do it for the sport :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your suggestions!

If you have the source, all you have to do is change the name of the constructor method from “NameOfTheClass” to “Constructor”.