Using graffiti signature, how to test hi-DPI

Hi, I have a web-app, recently moved to a windows server(amazon). and now I have turned on Support Hi-DPI. But now I have to figure out how to test if a user i using a retina (Hi-DPI) device/browser or not…

My graffitisuite-signature, gets 4 times the size if I use retina setting, and then see them on a normal screen. And, 1/4 size the other way around… so

How to proper test if a user has a Hi-DPI device ? , so that I can take that into account.

I have replied to your support ticket.

For any others who may come looking for this, the correct answer to determining scaling factor in Xojo Web is the Session.ScaleFactor property. This is the browser’s current pixel ratio, and can be used for image resizing and the like.

That said, the next release of GraffitiWebSignature should handle these differences automatically.