Using GPUs in new mac pro

Is there a way to use the GPUs in the new Pro to accelerate PDF to bitmap conversions? Or to perform transformations on the resulting bitmaps (shift, rotate, etc.). I hope to build a print server to process “special” jobs that need some adjustment before printing. I currently convert incoming PCL or PostScript to PDF and perform the needed transforms on the PDF; sometimes I convert to individual bitmaps (usually PNG) which may or may not be recombined into a PDF. Anyway, without some way to use the GPU the Mac Pro looks marginally better than an iMac or Linux box. If I can use the GPUs, it may be orders of magnitude better. Thoughts?

Depending on how you are manipulating the PDF you may get GPU acceleration “for free”
OS API’s may just natively use the GPU - but I don’t know for sure

You could use CoreImage or OpenCL functions which will use GPU if available.
In our MBS Plugin we have classes for those.