using endOfLine.OSX

I get a black diamond-? when I try to print to a message box or textArea. The data is coming from a text file stored on the desktop and recovered using a binaryStream. This behaves as expected when the data is coming directly from the program. I prefer not to use a listbox. When I substitute cr="" I get a string that has "" as expected, but of course no linefeed. I could search and replace the diamond, but I have no idea what chr() it is assigned.

Dim cr As string
if indexBox.Value=TRUE then Message="Index: " + str(me.listIndex+1) + cr
if titleBox.Value=TRUE then Message=Message + "Course: " + (c.courseTitle) + cr
if InstructorBox.Value=TRUE then Message=Message + "Instructor: " + (c.courseInstructor) + cr
if levelBox.Value=TRUE then Message= Message + "Course Level(s): " + (c.courseLevel)
MsgBox(Message) + cr

Thank you for your help.


It is very rare that something I do is fixed on the first try!