Using DTR/RTS lines in Serial

Hello All,
Just starting out with XOJO and I am trying to understand the Serial controller interface regarding the DTR/RTS lines. I need to pulse these lines using radio buttons, which I thought would be easy enough with an event>action that triggers a timer that will pulse the line(s), but in the help file I read this:

I read this as in order for me to activate/deactivate the line(s) I have to reset the connection twice. I hope I am wrong on this as the way I read the quote would be a rather time consuming operation.

Any tops on how to pulse these two lines?


Set both settings then call one reset to enact the change?

See the docs:

No good. Each line controls a separate item. THey are not simultaneous action items.

Then that is a bug in XOJO as thats not how those lines operate in actual serial comms. Closing and reopening the connection will cause the loss of one or two bytes.

Reset does not close the port, it merely sets the state of the lines. If they are operating independently, put a reset in each button.

I’ll try it and see what happens. THank you