Using CURLS from MBS to send text to cell phone

If any one have success send text msg to cell phone using CURLS.

please share the code for test

@Alexis Colon Lugo — There are several ways you can send a “text message” to a device. So do you mean:
• An SMS like a friend could send you from their phone?
• Some raw text sent from another device?
• Something else?

but i need to send from my email to like 12,000 customer

Did you check “CURL post Twilio Verification” example project?
This may help to send SMS


jfyi: did you check out ?

I‘m using urlconnection to send mass sms, over the REST api.

Hi Oliver
Can you share the code i am no familiar with REST api.


Sample projects for urlconnection and also for the now obsolete Xojo.Net.httpsocket (1 for desktop and 1 for web) can be found in this thread:

Or just download the sample project from here:

Hi Christian
In you example request info for Twilio MSG, can you show me where i can get that data i have some.
Service SID# know
Account SID# i have this one
Account Password i have this one
Send code ID know


thanks to all help.

i have this working