Using CURLMBS in order to Reply CURL command

Hi everyone!

I have a CURL line code to Invoke a WCF (Windows Communication Foundation), I tested that line of code, using Terminal on macOS. I remembered that Christian MBS Plugins has CURLSMBS that makes use of CURL.

  1. I use that “-H” flag to add several headers, Reading about on CURLMBS Page, I found something Similar:
    CURLSMBS.OptionCookieList as String
    Will it correct?.

  2. I use “-E” flag to Use an .PEM Certificate File and its respective Password. What would be the equivalent on CURLSMBS?

  3. I use “–data” in order to pass an XML as a Request, What would be the equivalent on CURLSMBS?

Meanwhile I’ll continuing reading and testing, Regards.

I saw In an example, that I can Use: c.SetOptionHTTPHeader array(“Header1”,“Header2”,“Header3”,“Header4”) In order to do RequestHeaders on CURL

Please put data in OptionPostFields for POST or pass to SetInputData for PUT.

OptionSSLCert is for path to PEM certificate for a SSL certificate. CURLSMBS.OptionSSLCertPassword is for the password.