Using Camera for Upload in mobile Web-App


with HTML5 you are able to use something like:

to take a picture from the camera and upload.
Is there a way to use this native with Xojo-Web-App?
If not which seems to be the best way to do that (sving an then uploading is not the best way g)
Perhaps I get that working with native HTML? Or doing that with JS? Building such an input in runtime and parsing the “filepath” to Xojo FileUploader?

Thank you


If you have a WebFileUploader on your page and press the “+” button you’re asked to Take a photo or upload an existing one.
On iOS at least.

Albin, thank you for your fast answere.
So, it seems like I should stop working with Xojo and take some time to play with it :slight_smile:
There is not enough reality distortion field around me :slight_smile: