Using a Web Dialog

Hi everyone,

Can anyone guide me on the following please!

I am following the tutorial from you tube. The link is as follows

I am getting error when I run the application.

WebPage1.NameDialog.Dismissed, Line 1

Thank you

Following the video you should only have this code on NameDialog Dismissed:

NameLabel.Text = Me.UserName

It could be that your WebPage Label is not named ‘NameLabel’, the WebDialog Property is not called ‘UserName’ or is not a String, maybe other code missing or wrong naming.

I bet if you go again with the video, pause every now and then to confirm you have everything right, you could find the problem.

Thank you Alberto De Poo for the info

Since I am a newbi for this platform, as per your advise I recreated the project with the video pausing every stage. I am still getting the same error.

This property is protected. This can only be used from within its class
NameLabel.Text = Me.UserName

The code is on NameDialog Dismissed.
All the labels and the names are same as the video. If you want I could send the code for you.
From the error I can understand that I am calling a property that is out from its class, but my background is vb6 in xojo I do not see a class module as in vb6!

Hello Siva, maybe the problem is that you have the WebDialog1 Property UserName with Scope - Private or Protected.

I’m just learning too and did a little test. I have that scope as Public and it works without error. I changed it to Private or Protected and I get the same error you report.

Hello Alberto,

Great yes it works, Thank you for pointing me. If you see the video when the property is created the scope is public by default as on my windows pc it is private. maybe it is to do with apple os? or any setting in Xojo IDE?
Thank you again

Hello Siva, glad I was able to help.

What I have seen is that once you set a property as private all new properties default to private. Then if you add one as public, then all new default to public.