Using a URL to open up a item in the IDE

A number for applications are getting exceedingly complex. The documentation of them is become more and more time consuming, and an increasing priority for us.

We’ve built a number of internal tools to help do this, but many times it is best to refer to the code.

One of the things I’d like to be able to do in the documentation is referred to the object in the IDE.

For example if I have a class called my_class, for convenience purposes I would really like to be able to just build a hyperlink into my documentation that does something like: xojo://my_project/my_class even if I can only get half of it done and have it assumed that the open project is the project I’m aiming it that would be extremely useful.

Can anybody think of a way to approach this?

You could do this with a helper app and then use IDE scripting to tell the IDE to go to a particular location.