Using a filter in an OpenDialog

Either I have a very senior moment or filtering in an OpenDialog doesn’t work anymore at all. Using the following code:

Dim dlg As New OpenDialog dlg.Title = "Select a Text file" dim t as new FileType t.Extensions = "txt" dlg.Filter = t.Extensions Dim f As FolderItem = dlg.ShowModal beep

in 2016r3 and beyond shows every file as selectable. Tried with a pre-defined filetype and with setting the Filter to “txt”. No dice.

Any ideas?

Dim txtType As New FileType txtType.Name = "Text/txt" txtType.MacType = "TXT " txtType.Extensions = "txt"

dlg.Filter = txtType

Thanks, Axel, was missing the name.

Do we really need to still use MacType?

@Roger Clary: nope.

I found lately that creating (temporary) File Type Set in the code I need it filter, really filter file types…

On the other hand, I never was able to ser an Icon (rethorical question).

from FileType.Icon

This is a read-only property. You can only specify an icon using the File Types Set Editor.

Thanks Axel.

Argh ! I do it again: I read the first sentence and forgot the second.

But, it is a bit stupid to put a Property and do not be able to use it. (or I miss something else).

You also need to be aware that this method of filtering file types doesn’t work as of 2016r3:


This is a bug (#45392) that’s been verified, but not fixed. For the foreseeable future, don’t rely on it.

A workaround is to use this instead:


@John McKernon:


also doesn’t work anymore in 2016r3.

That is also noted in the bug report :slight_smile:

I’d forgotten that part, fortunately Tim’s workaround works. Still, this should get fixed.

Yes it should
I’ve been looking into it

I’m not sure but it seems this bug has been resolved in previous version but I have it in Xojo 2017 r2.1 .