Using a Custom Font


How does one go about using a font with a Xojo app (that has not been installed on a customer’s machine)? Does the font need to be installed / registered on the system first? …Or, can you just include the font (in the same directory) as the app and Xojo will automatically find it?

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Is this the good answer ?

This is an old post. It contains several methods that work fine for Mac.

No solution there for Windows, though.

I still stand by what I wrote then. The best solution by far is to use MBS plugins. It works for both Mac and Windows. Plus Christian provides outstanding service.

@Byron Minick : Unless you need that for both platforms, it is a good idea to post in platforms/macOS or Windows, to obtain immediately a relevant reply.

I’ve posted an example Xojo project (for Windows, macOS and Linux) in this Forum-Thread some time ago. No plugins required.