Username password verification

Hi. I’m new to programming.

I want to create a web app that can register an user verified by the users mobile number and the user can login later using a password set by the user.

Can you guys advice me on how to do this on xojo ?

These are good reads on the subject.

You never EVER save the password. You save a salted hash of the password. When the user enters it then you create the salted hash again and compare it with the stored salted hash

To create the hash, you can use the native Crypto.PBKDF2, or Bcrypt or Scrypt available in my M_Crypto module.

For Web Apps, the task of creating an user account, (and verifying an email or phone #) is so common, I would think someone would have created a plugin or sample project. Anyone? No? How about this. This is something I’d be willing to purchase.

I think Christian at Monkeybread has a WebKit, I think that does a lot of the basic stuff to get you started. May be worth a look.

I posted a link to AuthenticationKit.

Thanks! I’ll check it out.

I see you posted your Authentication Kit on Github!

Also I see there a Xojo Forum thread here.