User hard disk pollutions by application(s)


to avoid pollution from my application, I added a MenuItem to clears the Preferences file I use withing that application.

The user may not want to continue to use my application and I think it is good to clears my application pollution on that user hard disk. (On the other hand, it is good to be able to delete the preferences files at debug time.)

Then, after a lot of time, I realized that my application (not me) also may install other preferences files like a plist file for example.

  1. Is it allowed by OS (Linux / OS X / Windows) by an application to clears its own Preferences files ?

  2. How do I get the names of the files installed by Xojo runtime or the running OS ?


You can of course delete your own pref file.
But it is not common. People may download your app later again and keeping the preferences has nearly no cost.