User Guides - Contents & Index

Hi all,

First let me say great job on the user documention & guides, the PDF’s are a real asset. Is there any way that in the next update, Contents can be added as well as an index? (That also act as contextual hyperlinks).

Using the PDF’s on my KIndle, I’m flying blind, can’t often remember what is what book and also skimming 200 pages is not that much fun :slight_smile:

Thanks all, Richard

There is a table of contents, but it is usually displayed in the sidebar (at least on Preview, Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader, etc.). I don’t know if Kindle can show this table of contents.

Unfortunately, iBooks Author does not generate an inline PDF, so adding one is not practical at the moment.

There are no plans to add an index.

I’ll double check my Android Kindle when I get home. :slight_smile: Thanks

With a PDF file uploaded to my Kindle account, and read on the Nexus 7, the Table of Contents option is grayed out so no way to see. Tried it in the Adobe Reader app as well and so far unable to find the contents option.

There also appears to be no easy way to export from iBooks Author to a format that the Kindle format conversion can work well with :frowning:

I haven’t tried Adobe Reader lately, but this is what the TOC looks like using Foxit Reader:

Maybe your option of uploading to your Kindle account recodes your file and lose the index?
Try installing a PDF reader as Radaee ( ) in your Nexus.
Then connect your device using a USB cable and put your PDFs untouched directly in a proper folder like /mnt/sdcard/ebook
Open Radaee, point it to them.
I’ve tested with my phone, and when I touch the bookmarks menu (near to the prefs [gear icon]) it shows the index.

Paul, I have no problems on the Mac or PC. The Tablet, however is a different beast.

Rick A. Thanks. Both the Kindle App & Adobe’s own app won’t show the contents, however that Radaee does as you mention. I’ll see how I get on with it. Much appreciated.