Use selection for Find

Hi, I don’t find (Xojo 2015) how to search the selected characters (it’s usually cmd/ctrl-E in other development tool)
cmd-F don’t keep the selection
cmd-G don’t find the next occurence

In REALbasic, cmd-F kept the selection for a local search, and cmd-shift-F for a global search : where are now these keyboard shortcuts ?



Doesn’t work anymore in the Xojo IDE. One of the disimprovements when the RB IDE was replaced…

find selected word is available in the context menu. (Find …)

Marc asked about a keyboard shortcut for this task.

I just used Keyboard Maestro to restore the behavior of command-F to what Real Studio did.

Kem, you’re going to have to make a repository for all your Keyboard Maestro macros. I think you’re hooked :slight_smile:

Kem probably has a shortcut for his shortcuts :wink:

Thank you for the answers
this is not good news
how do xojo designers to work without a keyboard?