Use of sub folder in IDE

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I have a number of controls on a pagepanel which has 4 panels, the IDE gets ‘cluttered’ with this amount of controls so the thought was to create a main folder and then a sub folder for each panel with the relevant controls on. I can create the top level folder and sub level folders but unable to move controls to the sub folder

Am I missing somthing?

The IDE control list for a window cannot be altered using folders, and it does not organise by control nesting (such as tab panels, groupbox or canvas).

You could put all controls for a page of the pagepanel, into a DesktopContainer. You can then put an instance of that container onto the page in question.

ok thanks will try tims suggestion


One warning about that though. Controls on one DesktopContainer cannot access ones on another DesktopContainer without going through extra steps. Nor can they access controls directly on the Window its self. It can certainly be done but you have to do things to make it work.

Yes, a good example of trying to think as much as possible ahead about the structure of the program. Here, the OP didn’t say anything about the relation if any between pages on his PP or between the PP and its window. One problem with being a novice is it’s harder to imagine the structure needed and how that maps onto what Xojo provides. I use a PP with such containers, and have just recently realised that it’s possible to create a new PagePanel page at runtime and add an instance of a desktop container to it. That’ll be useful to me - whether it is useful to e.g. the OP is another matter, of course.

Typically they shouldn’t need to access others. However, it’s not uncommon to have some sort of validation on a panel that could need to enable or disable the OK button at the window level, that sort of thing requires access from the panel up to the window it is on and it is rather easy to do that wrong and end up with memory leaks, due to circular referencing.

Thanks gent … more food for thought

I usually use control naming to group them together in the IDE. Such as


don’t know if that will help you, but it’s been useful to me.

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You can use ControlSets to group multiple controls of the same kind, with a shared event handler. Well, at least the functionality is still there in Desktop proyects.

sounds a good idea and think I’ll go with it , Im still in thinking in my old ways and grouping prefixes , but like this idea better


love to have control sets but it not so easy in web

thanks anyway