use canvas to disable access to "lower" objects

I was thinking to use a transparant canvas but to put in on a top layer so the user has no access to the HTMLviewer beneath.
Is this possible? How should I do this? I don’t find info about it, so maybe it is not possible… Maybe I was looking in the wrong place.


I’ve never tried to do that, but you might have better luck embedding the HTMLViewer on the Canvas and disabling the canvas to not allow clicks in the canvas. I don’t know off the top of my head if the HTMLViewer then looks disabled or not.

If that doesn’t work, you can always do an Overlay Window (part of MBS plugins) that is on top (invisible) of the HTMLViewer. I’ve not tried to cover a single control (always done it with an entire window) but it should be possible.

Thanks Bob. I’ll try to do that then. It will serve the same purpose.
But I have no idea ho to embed an HTMLviewer on a Canvas…
Could you point me to what to look into?


found it!