.USDZ files

Has anyone done any work with USDZ files ? I’m specifically interested in conversion from .OBJ to .USDZ for use in Apple’s Preview app and on IOS as Apple support USDZ directly without any external app installations. It just works.

USDZ files

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You can use QLPreviewControllerMBS class in MBS Xojo Plugins to show USDZ files on iOS directly.
Or use QLPreviewViewControlMBS for macOS apps.

See blog

Adding QuickLook preview for iOS to Xojo

Thanks for the suggestion. I was not so much looking for a viewer as a way to translate OBJ files to USDZ. The USDZ files can be viewed on any recent Mac or iOS devices without adding any external app at all.

Would this do the trick?

It’s not so much a question of if I can convert files to USDZ, but more if I could automate it with some code. Apple’s Reality Converter works very well with my OBJ files, and it’s free, but could perhaps be a little more advanced. Vectorworks can do it but adds no additional advantages and the output quality is much lower. Keyshot reads my files perfectly and does an excellent job though not entirely reliable, and it’s an expensive app. Blender seems to work but the user interface is pretty awful and clunky. As for STL, I can export that too, but I only use it for 3D printing, whereas my OBJ files contain his res textures. Here is an example of the same model (slightly modified during work) as an augmented reality model and a 3D printed 350 mm long from an STL file.