USB & Serial Printers

Hi Everyone,

I have just started to use Xojo and I would like to know is it possible to print to USB and RS232 printers? if so how do I do it? would the RS232 ones be the same as
how I would do it in DOS? (open COM1:9600,n,8,1 for output as #1) or is it differnt in Xojo


The PrinterSetup class can be used to print to standard printers that are recognized by the OS. You can also use the Serial class to directly print to older printers in text mode.

Thanks for the replay but the problems is these printers are not standard printers they are Retail Printers (Epson and NCR USB printers)

If it has an OS driver, then PrinterSetup seems like it would work. Otherwise, the Serial class ought to be able to communicate with them.

would the serial class be able to handle the USB versions of the printer?

That class can see any printers the OS can see. I’m not familiar with the specific types of printers you are describing to be able to say more. You should be able to try it with your printer to see, though.

On Windows, you can declare directly into the Print Spooler API

What does the manual of these printers say ? Should they be used like normal Windows printers or with ESC codes ?