USB HID generic keyboard emulation


Can you have an app running that is receiving data from an FT232RL device( USB to serial ), and have that app output receive data from my USB module, and the app output key values that emulate a generic USB HID keyboard. The concept is that I want to have bidirectional capabilities with my processor on the remote USB device, which means using USB 2 Serial. The FT232RL does not emulate a USB HID generic device, so that would mean adding some switching to toggle the USB chipset from a generic USB HID device to USB to Serial device. I was hoping to find a way that an Xojo app could talk to the PC/Mac and the computer think it is seeing key values from a real keyboard.


Does anyone agree that this looks like it would allow me to have an app with a serial port that receives data, and presses any key that I define? As well, it looks like you can press the control key first then release it after. Not sure if Command and shift are options. If this looks like the ticket then I will buy it.

Actually there are many options for key presses. Anyone used this?

[quote=134698:@Todd Chapman]Monkeybread Software - MBS FileMaker Plugin: Component: RemoteControl

Actually there are many options for key presses. Anyone used this?[/quote]

I just played with that on Mac. Very nice. It works fine in any Mac application just as if typed from the keyboard.

Command and shift are there as well as control. You do not need to buy to try. Just download the plugin complete from Monkeybread Software - MBS FileMaker Plugin: Component: RemoteControl and you will be able to play with it. All the plugin are functional, simply they display a box saying they are not registered.

There are several examples that come with the plugin package, I just played with the one described in /Documentation/HTML%20files/files/example-computercontrol-presskey-writesomething.html

And the nice thing is that Christian Schmitz is around to assist :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks for that info. Sorry I never bothered to see if there was a demo. I will get it now.

It looks like I need to buy Filemaker first to install this? The install manual assumes you already have it on your computer.

Oh heck, I am wanting xojo plugins not filemaker. I have no idea what filemaker is. My mistake. I don’t see remote control in xojo plugins.

4.5 module RemoteControlMBS
4.5.1 module RemoteControlMBS
Plugin Version: 8.4, Console & Web: Yes, Mac: Yes, Win: Yes, Linux: Yes.
This module collects
methods for simulating user input with mouse and keyboard.
You can use this class for GUI scripting.
Requires on Linux to be installed.

Maybe there is a xojo version of the same features?

OK the ComputerControl pluging fo Xojo has examples that are working on win8.1.


Which platform ? On Mac you can do sort of the same thing with AppleScript with Tell application, but not to all the system as the plugin does. On PC you can send events to a particular window by its title. Search for Sendkeys in this forum. It is not built in but there is a declare. On Linux I am not aware of anything besides MBS.

The monkeybread remote computer control works great on pc and mac. Very simple to use.

I guess you mean this link for windows:

Indeed :slight_smile: