URLConnection not allowing access to ContentReceived?

I am trying the following code:
and am not understanding why I get the error that There is more than one method with this name but this does not match any of the available signatures.

I cannot use a While / Wend block to scan for updates to ContentReceived. :thinking:

I am trying to understand this. Thanks for any help!

*The line of text ends with a quote marks and a closed-parentheses.

A time-out parameter is required with that call. Are you including that?

There is an example project that demonstrates various usage of URLConnection in the Communication/Internet folder.

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Yeah, I am using the following code and get a NilObjectException:

Var PriceDOGE As URLConnection
Var as1 As String = "https://block.io/api/v2/get_current_price/?api_key=KEY"
TextArea1.Text=PriceDOGE.SendSync("GET", as1, 300)

I do not know where I am going wrong.

That should be New URLConnection

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Tried that, I’ll try it again.

This code actually works:

Var PriceDOGE As New URLConnection
Var ff1 As FolderItem
ff1 = App.ExecutableFile.Parent
ff1 = ff1.Child("result.json")
Var as1 As String = "https://block.io/api/v2/get_current_price/?api_key=KEY"
PriceDOGE.SendSync("GET", as1, ff1, 30)

But for some reason, exporting to textarea does not YET work.

OK, I hacked around and figured it out just trying different combos of stuff.

Var PriceDOGE As New URLConnection
Var as1 As String = "https://block.io/api/v2/get_current_price/?api_key=KEY"
TextArea1.Text = PriceDOGE.SendSync("GET", as1, 30)

Odd. I thought I had it this way before but hacked it and now works.

Utilizing a receiving control or variable to handle the event is what I was missing out on.

I think I am finally getting to understand how these connections work, maaaaybe.
Thanks for the help.

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Y’all are welcome.
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