URLConnection in wrapped compiled mode - Could not find a server with the specified hostname

I’m using Xojo 2019.r1.1 and try to test my software in compiled mode and wrap with “App Wrapper 4”.

I using URLConnection to get data from my website https://million-day.com
In debug all works fine.
In compiled works fine.
When I wrap my App with “App Wrapper 4” I have this error: Could not find a server with the specified hostname.

Does anyone know what settings I need to put on App Wrapper 4?
I currently add my Apple signature. I give the permissions to use the open and save file. Permission for printer.
Do I have to specify somewhere the permissions to read data from the internet? It is however a https site.


Have a look at NSAllowsArbitraryLoads | Apple Developer Documentation .

You probably need the com.apple.security.network.client entitlement too. Since you’re using an https site, no need to disable app transport security.

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Mine is a Desktop App for macOS.

Mac apps can still be sandboxed, which it sounds like you’re doing because you said you gave permissions to open and save files.