URL in a TextArea

I want to build a text in a TextArea with an URL may be imbedded (you see only blue, underlined text and not directly the URL). But I don’t know how.

For instance: If I copy text from any HTML page which is containing an URL into a TextArea I see this text as blue, underlined text. When the mouse is over it I get automatically the hand cursor. And if i click on it I get a browser with the imbedded URL in this blue marked text.

So I think that the TextArea can be used with an URL or an imbedded URL.

Now I try to get the URL with StyleRun. But there is no URL to see.

Is it possible to get the URL for storing the text and the URL elsewhere and rebuild this text into the TextArea again with an (imbedded) URL?

What you get in a TextArea, always when you paste data from outside of Xojo, is the real RTF. But, Xojo, in TextArea, use a subset of it. After saving the rtf data to a file, a subsequent load does display only that subset.

What OS are-you running (do you want to run your projet on) ?

If you run OS X, search MacOS Lib here (free). Else, get an eye on other solutions there too.

Example if you run OS X: here .

Many thanks Emile!

My OS is OS X 10.11.6.

I will take at the evening a look into this example. If it works I will use it.

I think that for me the best way is to use StyleRun for getting the attributes of the text and store them into a string of a database.
It seems that I have with this the same functionality just as the use of StyledText.RTFdata. So I can enhance the standard attributes with informations about the link (similar way like StyleRun - starting position, length, text etc.).
I use my app only on my mac to store text in a database. But the texts must be read out of my database from other apps under mac and win. The texts are not very big so I think my solution is not to slow. And in the database reading app provides a click on a link a LoadURL.