UPS API Example


Does anybody have an example of using the UPS api?


I’ve never looked at the UPS api, but I have used the ShipStation api from a Xojo app Not sure if that is practical for your application, but ShipStation is a pretty neat solution that can be used to ship items via UPS. With our app, we simply posted shipments into ShipStation and then used ShipStation to create the label. But you can also create the label with the API and print it yourself, although I have never tried that.

Are we talking United Parcel Service or Uninterruptible Power Supply?

Sorry, United Parcel. :slight_smile:

I did some work with them 15 years ago. The api used https and returned XML as I recall. The API surface was huge back then. If it’s still like that, was there something in particular that you were interested in?

heh, and I was getting ready to post how I got around the excessive updates to the values for time remaining that the MacOS UPS power system returns :wink:

In our Application form if someone is outside of North america we want to get the price for shipping there. We don’t need to print labels or anything else, just need the price to ship.

@Brandon Warlick

Any chance you have some sample code?


Check out

We use their products for banking integration, so haven’t used their shipping product, but it should work great. You would have to create a C wrapper around their c++ library so you could use declares to communicate with the library (that’s what we do).