Upload to Dropbox or iCloud Drive?

has anyone successfully managed to incorporate the ability to upload a file to the user’s dropbox account, as opposed to simply creating a file on disk?

My app creates a pdf file, and then displays a SaveAs dialog. I would prefer for the user to be able to save / upload the newly created pdf directly to their dropbox account (if possible).

Alternatively, to be able to save / upload the pdf to their iCloud Drive.

Any pointers would be very much appreciated.
Thank you all in advance.

I do not believe iCloud Drive can be done via API at the moment. I may be wrong.

I have some code for Dropbox that is available in encrypted form. Unfortunately with the SSL vulnerabilities the authentication pieces are out of date. I plan to update them and re-release them.

My app allows the user to choose a remote location (server, other HD, etc.) and save the app’s data to that location. I just tried selecting my dropbox as that location and a folder was created on dropbox and the data written to that folder without a problem.
No special code involved.

I think he might be wanting to do it from within the application without the save dialog…

From memory there’s a config file in applicationdata\dropbox folder that has an element that points to the user’s dropbox folder, so putting a folder/file there will automatically be replicated by dropbox.

IRC Apple said that this was going to be introduced with 10.10 NSSharingService… Then pulled the framework for us 32-Bit developers… I’ve recently got NSSharingService working with a 32-Bit app, just awaiting to see if Apple approve my workaround before I make it available.

So maybe I’ll take a look once I get the time.

Fighting a new undocumented change to their Code Signing certificates today!

Just realised - a normal SaveAs Dialog allow you to select the iCloud Drive folder on Yosemite. I just tested it :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Not sure how I select an online dropbox folder from the SaveAs Dialog though??

Roger, could you explain how you achieved this, as I only get the option of local directories.

Thank you.

Also just realised that if I navigate to Users/Richard/DropBox and drag the folder to the Finder’s sidebar - I can also use the SaveAs dialog to save to dropbox :slight_smile:

Look for “~/Google Drive” on OSX

??? Why?

I’m sorry. I saw Dropbox and I read Google Drive, not iCloud Drive (which I don’t use. :wink: )

No problem, thanks anyway :slight_smile: