upload files to linux server

hello (CGI)
what files from the Builds projects i have to upload after made changes so i no have to upload all again

I always upload everything just to be sure I don’t experience strange behaviour thinking it’s a bug when it’s actually something I’ve forgot to upload.
But I guess you don’t need to upload all the “Libs” if you didn’t add code that uses a new one.
I’ll guess Xojo has to chime in here though :slight_smile:

…in most cases (for minor changes) just replace the executable file… in 95% this works for me. But it depends on what you’ve changed … better upload everything (for crap connections zip your files first and after upload unzip them on your server).

better tar.gz them :wink: its more efficient and it reduces the used bandwidth (and in my opinion its way easier to unpack it)