Upload email to Sent folder via IMAP

As you know you can send emails via the CURL functions in MBS Xojo CURL Plugin. To have your mails show up in sent folder, you need to upload them to the IMAP server. The following snippet does it for Xojo. Key thing is to pass in URL to IMAP Server with name of Mailbox, e.g. “imap://imap.monkeybreadsoftware.de/INBOX.Sent”. Then you set the upload option and provide the data to send. Of course you should use SSL, certificate verification and pass in your credentials. So here the Xojo code from the example project:

Sub UploadEmail()
	// we use here TLS with this login:
	Const Server = "sslin.df.eu"
	Const Username = "test@macsw.de"
	Const Password = "xxx"
	// we build a test email to upload
	Dim email As New CURLEmailMBS
	email.Subject = "Test Email"
	email.PlainText = "We uploaded this email via MBS Plugin."+EndOfLine+EndOfLine+"Greetings"+EndOfLine
	email.AddTo "test@test.test", "John Miller"
	email.SetFrom "test@test.test", "Marc Jones"
	Dim curl As New CURLSMBS
	curl.OptionURL = "imap://"+Server+"/INBOX.Sent"
	curl.OptionUsername = Username
	curl.OptionPassword = Password
	curl.OptionUseSSL = curl.kUseSSLall
	// payload for upload is the email source code
	curl.InputData = email.EmailSource
	curl.OptionUpload = True
	Dim e As Integer = curl.Perform
	If e<>0 Then
		MessageBox "Failed with error code: "+Str(e) + ": "+curl.LasterrorMessage
		MessageBox "Email uploaded!"
	End If
	// show log
	Dim s As String = curl.DebugData
	If s.Encoding = Nil Then
		s = DefineEncoding(s, encodings.ISOLatin1)
	End If
	s = ReplaceLineEndings(s, EndOfLine)
	LogField.Text = s
	// when succesful it should end with "We are completely uploaded and fine" from CURL and then "Append completed" from server.
End Sub

Let me know whether this works fine for you.

for FileMaker see other blog post: Upload email to Sent folder via IMAP.