Upgrading to Sonoma/Xcode

With a heavy heart and both arms rammed up my back, I think it is time to upgrade my dev machine to Sonoma, to get a new Xcode, to use a new Xojo, all to be able to ship an update to a little free iOS app.

Every time I have to do this, something seems to break.
Xcode, signing, Xojo, permissions… the list goes on.

Has anyone done this recently?
Are there any gotchas I need to know about, or things I can do to make a safety net for myself?

Something that I’ve found is that the longer I resist upgrading, the harder they are. Have you considered just updating every year instead? I usually wait until December when the latest macOS gets stable which is a little ahead of when Apple starts demanding it.

And yea, I’m using Sonoma with latest Xcode without trouble.

Upgrading from Monterey to Sonoma (14.0, after extended testing the betas) went smooth and without any hassle on my MacStudio M1Max. The same from BigSur to Sonoma on a MacBook Pro 2019 with i9.

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Well, upgrade just finished.
It decided to just delete chrome. Cheers.

And it won’t connect to the internet using the settings I have used for the last 15 years.

Gonna be an interesting week. :frowning:

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So far, WiFi is happy.
Wireless diagnostics says everything is great.

But Nothing can access the internet after deleting and recreating the WiFi link.
It’s clearly Sonoma … the same machine using a small Ventura partition with nothing on it but browser and test apps works fine.
I’m way beyond annoyed with apple.

Are you using any network sniffers, software firewalls, anti-virus software or anything like this which may affect network connection? If yes, please have a look if there are updates available for Sonoma…

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'network sniffers, software firewalls, anti-virus software or anything like this ’

That got me thinking.
I used to have Little Snitch. No sign of it here, silently deleted by Sonoma
Network filters empty.
Turned off firewall.

So, I fired up the Ventura partition, downloaded installers for both Little Snitch and Chrome
Switched back into Sonoma, installed Chrome… which connected to the internet in tiny bursts, constantly giving me ‘no internet connection’ before refreshing.
Safari still no connection.
App Wrapper - unable to get time from servers

I installed Little Snitch. That then showed up in Network Filters.
No change.
Finally: turned OFF the network filters (disabling the new ’ billed as working with Sonoma’ Little Snitch.)
And now everything seems to be working.

Next stage: Xcode. (I think I’ll have a lie down first)

I had a similar problem after switching to an LTE router. The culprit was the DHCP with manual address. After changing to automatic DHCP I was able to connect fine.

Was worth a try. Second thing I did yesterday.

Yes, LittleSnitch needs an update to work on Sonoma, because Apple is in the process of getting rid of kernel extensions…

Yeah, but (for me) even the current build doesn’t work in Sonoma. Deleted it for now.

I am using LittleSnitch without any problems on my MacStudio with macOS 14.4.1, but it was a fresh install of LittleSnitch, not an update after a system-upgrade…

Sonoma feels slower than Monterey.

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8-| What Mac specs do you have, just for curiosity? Here it goes really fast on one of my test-mac laptops (MBP 14" - M1 Pro - 16 GB)

M2 Macbook Air 16Gb.
Maybe Sonoma itself is OK… hard to say.
But back in Xojo I spend a lot of time muttering, c’mon, c’mon…

I feel sure it wasn’t like this previously. And having only 6 months ago moved off a 2015 intel MBP to this M2, I don’t feel any more productive now.
Probably ought to go do some video edits. They like us to try that. :slight_smile: