Upgradable Laptop

Designed and made by a bunch of ex-Apple, ex-Dell and other companies engineers. Reminds me of the PowerBook G3 Wallstreet I used to own. That thing was a beast.


But it just has dongles inside the case!?

Havent watched the video but even the screen shot …

Swappable memory / SSD / Video card ?
That would do me , thanks.
Only the screen/keyboard would then be less easily replaced.

If the SDD was hot swappable, you could maintain several ‘machines’ just on these plug in ‘dongles’

edit: OK, not QUITE there yet, but there is zero reason why others couldnt do this swappable stuff.

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You are right, techncally speaking.

But the manufacturer will only sold entry level,
upgrades will be done by third parties at far lower prices.

Less built-in ports = higher prices for the same product.
No upgradable memory ? Sales for a laptop with more memory.
Same apply for SSD.

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From the reviews I’ve read recently, HP and Dell laptops are still very upgradable, and you’re dealing with a known entity.

I started to watch the video linked in the first post, but realized that, like most Youtube videos, it was a 20 minute video with 3 minutes of content. You can get the same info from the Ars Technica article in much less time, assuming that you know how to read (a rare skill these days). But, you don’t get the joy of seeing a dude with a beard yapping away nonstop.


I am reminded of the olden days when everything was upgradable on laptops, and they were an inch thick and weighed 5 lbs to make that possible.

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