Updating a ListBox from a CellAction event handler

Probably a newby question, but I can’t seem to find the answer. I’m trying to validate and reformat the text a user just entered into a ListBox cell. I’m trying to use the CellAction event handler to do it. This fires when the user tabs out of the cell. No problem getting the user’s entry, but if I reformat it and try to store it back into the cell using the CellTextAt method, it just doesn’t update the cell contents. I’ve simplified this down to just storing a constant string into the cell from the CellAction handler and even that doesn’t work. No errors… just doesn’t update! Is there some sort of timing issue here that I need to get around, is it verboten to update a cell from an event handler, or…? Any suggestions appreciated.

Hi R.T.

What you are doing sounds correct.
This very simple example works as expected for me by just adding " Edited" to the end of whatever was typed into the cell.

Sub CellAction(row As Integer, column As Integer) Handles CellAction
  dim value as string = me.CellTextAt(row,column)
  me.CellTextAt(row,column) = value + " Edited"
End Sub