Updating a field on a report

I’m using the built in report creator/editor in Xojo latest. I can read in values from my sqlite db but need to do some computations on 2 fields in the database and then update a field on the report with that value. Do I create a label, put it on the report and then label.text=str(computed value) ? If so, that doesnt work…label on the report says “Untitled”.

btw… the header has content from my database, body will be computed values based on stuff from the database. Only 1 page long.


You can add a BeforePrinting Event to the label & place your calculation in that. E.g.

me.Text = "Hello World"

To add the event right click on the control and select add to .

I dont know why I didnt see that. Thank you!!

Alex, it’s a good idea to mark the answer in the forum to save others wading through the whole conversation.

And glad to be of help.