Updated SDK?


is there an updated SDK for 2014r3?

as 64bit is coming soon, how to give plugin developers already some SDK hints, so we can start working on updated plugins before all the users try something?


I would imagine much of the 64bit SDK to be the same ?? , int maybe changing to int32_t and such.

The 64-bit SDK will be very similar to the 32-bit SDK, but the deprecated functions will be gone.

How does one load constructor ? to for example replace REALnewPicture ?

Use REALLoadObjectMethod to find the constructor and then call it.

Oh, and the biggest change to the SDK is going to be the removal of all of the overloaded versions REALGetPropValue and REALSetPropValue.

[quote=154010:@Björn Eiríksson]EPictureConstructor = (void (*)(REALobject,int32_t,int32_t,int32_t)) REALLoadObjectMethod((REALobject)destPicture, “Constructor(width as Integer, height as Integer, Depth as Integer”);

Try add the closing parenthesis on the function declaration? Also, you’re going to regret using int32_t when you go to port your plugin to 64-bit. Use RBInteger.

Ya I saw right after I posted !

So hmmm

Every function in Xojo now that is Integer your gonna let take the new 64bit int ? “Integer” ?

I somehow assumed you would change them to use Int32

The size of ‘Integer’ will be 32-bit on 32-bit systems and 64-bit on 64-bit systems. The ‘RBInteger’ typedef in the SDK will take care of this for you.

I already use RBInteger and the C names for the overloaded functions anyway :slight_smile:

The overloaded ones were always trouble, I opted away from them a long long time ago luckily.

How about some new functions to handle text and auto data types correctly?

Ah, Björn made cases: 37329 and 37330.

I just added also case 37582, which you may want to sign on Christian.

While making name spaces is interesting, I think you just ask for modules being part of modules in Plugins?

see also case 5378.