Updated JSON Speed Tests Project

I have built my own tests project since the currently available tests are outdated. The Xojo project source is included so that you may evaluate the design and run your own tests.

The tests include:

  • Dictionary, ParseJSON, GenerateJSON
  • JSONIII from Einhugur
  • JSONItem from the Framework
  • JSONMBS from MBS

You can download the project, some sample JSON, and demo versions of the plugins required here: https://tim.gdn/s9s1w


Are these results from a compiled app or through the ide?

This screenshot is of debug mode connected to the IDE using the Chinook sample on an M1.

I do encourage everyone to run their own tests. The relative “rankings” of what finished first were consistent from run to run, but the actual timings were not.

thanks a lot
glad i use JSONIII :slight_smile:
here is results on mbp 16 2,6
compiled and IDE, the differrence is crazy with your M1 !

In an informal test, I compared

If myjsonitem.HasKey(key) Then
myjsonitem.child(key).Lookup(thing, default)


myDict.Lookup(thing, default)

The dictionary lookup saved about 1.2 seconds over ≈10,000 iterations, which makes it worthwhile for me to create the dictionary of the json child ahead of time outside the loop.