updateControl fires - sometimes

Working with webcontrolSDK, I do Control.enabled = false
Serialize Event does not fire, updateControl in js does not fire.

I do control.updateControl(true) or control.updateBrowser
Serialize event fires, updateControl in JS does not.

This is not, what I think it should do, when I have a look at the doc?!

Serialize(js as JSONItem)

This event fires when the framework sends the first configuration to your control in the browser, **whenever a property on WebControl is changed** and whenever you call the Xojo UpdateBrowser method.
updateControl(data: string)

The **updateControl method is called whenever the data returned from the Serialize event in your Xojo Code is sent to the browser**. You must call super.updateControl(data) first to make sure the other control properties are updated properly.

Seems like setEnabled() is fired, when value is changed, I can’t find anything in the doc. Is that useable? Will it break in the future?