Update text fields/Areas without reloading page

Hi everyone

So, I have a window of text fields populated from a single row from a SQLite db and another window with a listbox and an action on double-click to change the selection. The only way I know to refresh the primary window is to close and re-open but that feels a bit clumsy. Looked at TextArea.LiveUpdate but it’s been deprecated and, try as I may, I can find no documentation as to the current method.

Can anyone guide me in the right direction?

If you are using 2019 onwards, the controls on a window are iterable

For Each c As Control In Self.Controls  // or mywindow.controls
     //just in case you find a control that doesnt have .invalidate method
  end try

Earlier versions, you loop through the controls like an array

Thanks Jeff.

I found I had to wrap the whole For Each statement in a Try Catch because it was throwing an IllegalCastException on the Next but, that done, it’s functioning fine.

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