Update-Program Word 2010 with Xojo in Windows (2.4)

I Wish I Knew How To… Program Word 2010 with Xojo on Windows has been updated to December 2017. There are 16 chapters and the book contains more than 300 pages with over 100 example programs.

Word examples include files, text modification, printing, tables, and more. For those who have purchased previous 2.x versions, this is a free update.

New to Version 2.4 – December 2017

  1. Added new >2010 Word Go To Bookmark Example (Example 10-6a)
  2. Added Checkbox Content Controls (Example 16-1)
  3. Added Combobox Control (Example 16-2)
  4. Added Control Date picker (Example 16-3)
  5. Added Drop-Down List Control (Example 16-4)
  6. Added Picture Control (Example 16-5)
  7. Added Plain Text Control (Example 16-6)
  8. Added Rich Text Control (Example 16-7)
  9. Added Bullet example (Example 16-7)

This book is a PDF document and all examples include Xojo code. The Office plugin that accompanies Xojo is needed with this book. The Table of Contents has a listing of all examples in the book, and is on the authors website at http://scispec.ca , in the books header.

ISBN: 978-1-927924-02-0

This book can be purchased at http://xdevlibrary.com

Thanks Eugene, there seems to be answers for me there… I wish I knew as much as you… :slight_smile:


BTW: I own this book version 2.0. How do I get my hands on this updated version 2.4 ?

Thanks for the kind words.

I am not exactly sure how Marc Zeedar does the updates. You may want to send Marc an email (publisher@xdevmag.com) for instructions.

@Marc Zeedar can you tell us please ?

I will send Marc an email also as I have bought many of the I Wish I Knew How To but never get notices (except here on the forum) about newer versions and how to download them

Good timing Brian.

I have also sent him an email with the same question. For some reason the forums do not seem to be sending emails to me anymore.

Hi all! The way it works is if you bought something on xDev Library (not RBLibrary), you should get an automatic notification of any book/article updates.

If you bought something before I took over RBLibrary, then Gumroad (my payment site) has no record of your purchase, so I have to send you the notification manually.

I do that if you let me know you purchased an item in the past – I’ll look you up in the records and confirm the purchase and then send you the update. (Note that it may take me a day or two, depending on my schedule.)