Update-Program Excel 2016 with Xojo In Windows (3.2)

I Wish I Knew How To… Program Excel 2016 with Xojo on Windows has been updated to December 2017. There are 14 chapters and the book contains more than 300 pages with over 120 example programs.

Excel examples include graphing. pivot tables, speaking in Excel and more. For those who have purchased previous 3.x versions, this is a free update.

New to Version 3.2 – December 2017

  1. Added Form Checkbox Example (Example 14-1)
  2. Added Form DropDown Control (Example 14-2)
  3. Added Form Spinner Control (Example 14-3)
  4. Added Form Listbox Control (Example 14-4)
  5. Added Form OptionButtons Control (Example 14-5)
  6. Added Form Labels Control (Example 14-6)

This book is a PDF document and all examples include Xojo code. The Office plugin that accompanies Xojo is needed with this book. The Table of Contents has a listing of all examples in the book, and is on the authors website at http://scispec.ca, in the books header.

ISBN: 978-1-927924-15-0

This book can be purchased at http://xdevlibrary.com