Update other window during recursion?

I have a window called Splash. It shows up for telling the user a long process, like processing a file, is happening.
Splash also has 2 properties in it. A Textbox called StaticText. And a String property called winText.
I would like to use this with the example “CopyFileOrFolder” in FolderItem.CopyFileTo.

This requires recursion. How do I pass Splash to “CopyFileOrFolder”? I have tried passing it as type Window but I cannot either of the properties.

‘window’ doesnt have those properties.
use a parameter which is Splash instead.

(I assume Splash is the name of the type of window, not the name of a variable which holds an instance of splash)

Or, in the copyfileorfolder code, cast the window as type Splash

Splash(thewindow_passedin).StaticText.text = "Hello"

Thanks. I finally understood. Didn’t think I could pass a Window as type “Splash”

I now have for the parameters:

source As FolderItem, destination As FolderItem, CpW As Splash

and I can access the property.