Update Monitor Released in the Mac App Store

Update Monitor will inform you about iOS/OS X App Updates even if you don’t have installed these Apps currently.

Are you also excited when a new version with less issues and new features, hit the App Store?
Are you also one of those people who wait for a specific upcoming feature in an App before purchasing it?
Do you have had Apps purchased which you currenty haven’t installed because you missed a feature, or it was not performing the way you expected? And because of this you removed these Apps from your device?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could monitor all your iOS/OS X Apps for updates even while you don’t have them currently installed on your devices?

With Update Monitor, this is now possible! Just add all your Apps to your List of monitored Apps within Update Monitor and it will look for updated Apps each time you launch it.
If an updated App is detected, Update Monitor will mark this App in the List of Monitored Apps, no matter how many Apps are monitored.

Update Monitor shows release notes, images, descriptions, supported devices and more for each monitored App.

  • Monitors iPod, iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro and Macintosh Apps
  • Displays Version Information and Release Notes
  • Further displays App Icon, Description and Screenshots
  • Shows supported Devices for each App
  • Dock Icon Badge Counter for updated Apps
  • Supports all App Stores around the World
  • Progress Bar for monitoring Progress
  • Help File is included
  • 64Bit Application

Mac App Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/update-monitor/id1084854253?l=de&ls=1&mt=12&at=1l3vbES&ct=Forum