Up vote / down vote or "answered"?

What about having an up vote / down vote plugin so good / correct answers can be found ?

And a way for the original asker of a question to indicate what reply answered their question ?

I can see this topic marked as “answered”:

Ah yeah I see they do have that one
Up down votes would still be nice
That was frequently asked for in both the old forums

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I have direct experience with this Discourse plugin: https://github.com/discourse/discourse-solved

It works perfectly for marking an answer as the solution.

Clicking the three dots at bottom-right of a reply to your topic, you’ll see the menu expand and a new “Solution” item appear. Clicking that marks a response as the answer to a topic.

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up down votes are possibly equally valuable

Where can I upvote this?

Disocurse doesn’t support up/down-voting as per Jeff Attwood (the creator):

But as far as project goals and philosophy, we at Discourse are ideologically opposed to downvoting / dislikes – and I don’t see that ever changing. If downvoting is a hard requirement, you should look for different free / open source software that meets your specific requirement.

:+1: Up Vote