Unusual Tools or Hardware you use in development

Hi Everyone,

I just wondering if any of you use any unusual tools or hardware when developing code. I suspect my needs are a little unusual as I do most everything in Assembler. When I want to test some assembler on real hardware and I don’t want to crash my own system if I get something wrong, which is not that unusual :slight_smile: , I have a tiny little 7.3 mhz z80 modular kit computer with 64k of ram. Really Retro I know but fun. It has a rom based SCM, small computer monitor, assembler, basic and CPM. It also resets and boots instantly which is a joy…



Just about all my Xojo apps’ raison d’être is controlling hardware I’ve designed, so yes, I do use “unusual hardware” :slight_smile:

PCBA test_cropped


Sounds like fun…