UnsupportedOperationException on MoveNext while Network was gone?

I got a report from a collegue which had a UnsupportedOperationException in a mySQL RecordSet while executing MoveNext. This happened when the Network had stopped working for a moment. I think it’s related to the Network beeing inaccessible.

Is it recommended to put While … Wend Loops into a Try … Catch to be prepared for this issue or should i even report this issue?

Xojo 2019 R1.1 on Windows 10 64Bits.

Not sure if this is really a Bug or if i have simply missed to Try…Catch this Case until now. Anyway, here’s a FR: feedback://showreport?report_id=57526

In other frameworks, the Database Exception have its own class and set of trappable errors. And Exceptions can carry 1 to errors.count() infos in a list. So, if your framework or DB drivers need to send you multiple error messages, you can bubble up the entire set in one exception to be handled by the dev. I think this one should be a DB exception explaining something in 2 errors like “Move Next Failed” and “Unexpected Connection Drop” (or “Comm TimeOut”, etc). The current UnsupportedOperationException is not the real exception that occurred as the operation is supported, but failed.