Unsupported marker type error

I was using getdata on a valid picture that I had converted from IOSImage, 4 other pictures were ok just this one threw an error, any ideas anyone?

Error: gd-jpeg: JPEG library reports unrecoverable error: Unsupported marker type 0xfbRuntime Error
Please report what caused this error along with the information below.
Common/ClassLib/RuntimeThread.cpp: 1426
Failure Condition: !sCurrentThread->mCurrentException

Write a feedback case.
the jpeg library used reported an error about something in the image it couldn’t read.
Maybe it’s a CMYK jpeg?

This is not a xojo error your getting. Many linux os have problems with 0xfb or other jpeg/image markers.

Perhaps you need to find a way around, like use a plugin to see if the marker is other? Or use png files

Such as nextcloud

This is clearly an assert() in the Xojo framework. The Xojo engineer should fix the code and raise a Xojo exception to tell you the error message.

Well that’s true but it’s also a common problem

If you need to move picture to database, maybe you skip the Picture.Open and just move the image to the BLOB field…

Dave: have-you tried to open the image (and display it) with GIMP / PhotoShop / Photo / Whatever image processing application you use ?

If the image is small enough, convert it to string to store it / do the reverse at read time ?

The only thing that comes to mind since this is intermittent is that iOS has several “extensions” of what an Image is. Maybe it’s that?

  • HDR
  • Live Photo’s
  • portrait photos (I seem to remember something about adjusting focus after taking the photo)

The Linux framework would know nothing about how these things are supposed to work.

Perhaps if you were to provide some example photos that cause problems, we could load them into a few apps and see what’s special about them.