I need to support SIT file expansion. At this point I’m calling “launch” on SIT files from my application and letting Expander extract the files. I would prefer not to rely on Expander to extract the files.

It looks like MBS supported unstuffing at some point, but those web pages are no longer available.

Does anyone have any ideas?


Wow. Never mind.

I tried the old trick of “if it’s a compressed group of files within a single file, change the extension to ZIP to see if it works” trick and it worked.

I thought SIT files were proprietary.

Thanks anyway!

OK, some will work using the rename method. Other SIT files from other vendors will not open using this method.

So, back to the original question.

Any ideas?

Is StuffIt ! still alive ?

I didn’t heard about it in years…


Yes! Not sure how well the product is selling, but it’s still alive.

I suspect that at least some of the vendors I’m working with are using an ancient copy that’s integrated into their processes.


And they pay Smith Micro for doing so…

New file extension are no more .sit (the wikipedia page explains that).

Unarchiver supports SIT expansion and it’s LGPL.

To include the capability in your app you need to license it.