unsatisfiable dependencies: Installing Feedback application on fresh Mint install

Following on from my explorations today I figured I would post a feedback issue, however it seems I can’t install the feedback application:

The words of choice are “Dependency is not satisfiable” and various efforts to satisfy them just fail.

The Xojo.deb file also suffers this issue

Did you install some WebKit libraries for GTK?

you mean to fix the problem?

No, from what I can work out, those kits are deprecated? They just aren’t available in the repo.

Actually, that might be my exact issue. I have DOZENS of repos in my old system, perhaps there’s a development one that I’m missing. I’ll work out how to dig through the repos in the sources.list and see where those dependencies are located and why/how it matters.

As mentioned, this is a completely new install without any development tools yet added (other than Xojo and it’s dependencies as noted). Whereas on my old system, I had every tool chain under the sun installed. Both a good and bad thing :slight_smile:

Stop using the DEB or RPM to install.

The bulk of the reported dependency errors are false positives in both package formats.

If you’ve installed Mint 20 Cinnamon, install the TGZ into /opt/xojo/, add the .desktop file linked in the other thread (https://forum.xojo.com/52647-prep-fedora-centos-suse-for-xojo-use/p1#p498016) and you’re good to go.

@Jason Parsley - you really should stop posting the RPM and DEB versions since they don’t work on ANY new installation of the popular distributions.