Unregistering URL handler

I know how to register an URL handler. But how do I get rid of it?

My app is writing data to Evernote which wants to open strange urls in the browser. To get rid of this I added an URL handler and did nothing when the URL was opened. Since a while Finder now wants to open my app when writing data and makes dozens of error messages “Mail Archiver can’t be opened because it’s busy”.

When deleting all other versions of my app and restarting the computer the URL handler seems to be gone. But how do I do this on the fly? I’ve Goggled a bit but even Stackoverflow wasn’t helpful.

Sigh: and then I need to have a look again at the original error why Evernote wants to open urls with “evernote-html-snippet”.

you can run lsregister via shell class.

There is a -u parameter for to unregister.


This Preference Pane is super helpful with managing things like this too: http://rubicode.com/Software/RCDefaultApp/

@Christian: thanks, I’ll try that out.

@Tim Parnell: some Stackoverflow poster mentioned that this app doesn’t work with El Capitan and higher.

I just gave it a quick little test and it worked here on 10.11.6 for switching ms-powerpoint:// from Powerpoint to Pages. Did the s/o post mention specifically what didn’t work?

Discussion is here: https://superuser.com/questions/548119/how-do-i-configure-custom-url-handlers-on-os-x#548122

The discussion first says 10.11 and higher and further down 10.12 and higher. My main development machine still is on 10.11 so that I can use the app for checking.