Unparent and loose DesktopControls

The Unparent menu item: can someone remind me on which menu it is to be found (there appears to be no doc for this). Also: if a control has no parent, is the unparent menu item then missing from that menu? Would that therefore be a useful quick way of checking in the IDE as to whether a Control has a Parent?

Running 2024r1 under Sonoma 14.4.1.

I’m having a problem with my app remotely in a Linux VM, which seems to result in some DesktopContainers dissolving intro fragments which then land elsewhere in the window. Hmmm, perhaps I’ve been hit by an out-of-control Desktop Container ship.

For one DesktopContainer in particular I’ve checked the Top values for the controls within it which all seem plausible. No point in posting code as I don’t yet know where this is going wrong. Hence checking Parents. There was a resolved issue (60161) related to parenting but that was for Web.

Reverting to 2023r4 resolves the issue.

Report the issue with a sample showing what you mean, before (on 2023r4) and after (broken? 2024r1).

Contextual menu


Either that or click the control and see if another one has a red border:

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Oh for crying out loud that’s why he can’t find it. @Xojo is doing menus wrong. Items are supposed to remain but be disabled.


Once I discover what’s happening I can hopefully create a small project to demo it. I have other nested DesktopContainers in the same app that are unaffected. This image for example:

The green bar is a listbox header. The dark gray thin bar separates the listbox from the DesktopContainer below. The brown area should be located immediately below the thin dark gray bar; it’s a canvas which is appearing in the wrong place altogether.

:grin: I might make an Issue of that, too.

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Can’t get the Unparent item to appear. Meanwhile the red putline appears.

Have you tried both 2023r4 and 2024r1?
Maybe some corruption on the project? Can you try to move the control outside the parent, cut/paste elsewhere and move back?
I hope you fix your problem fast.

Yes, as I said, the problem doesn’t occur with 2023r4 and earlier.

I opened Issue 76000 for the Unparent menu item.

I’m asking about the unparent option on a control that shows the red putline.
Is not clear if the unparent option is not showing in 2024r1, 2023r4 or both.
It seems that 2024r1 is reading your project different than 2023r4. I guess it will be hard to reproduce in a sample project unless you can check the source text where the difference happens and see if there is duplicate/wrong definitions somewhere.

As you said that other (similar) controls work correctly, maybe you can ‘fix’ the problem by recreating some of the controls? If you can see the changes (if fixed) then you can figure the problem that 2024r1 has reading the original code. But maybe time consuming and not worth it. Good luck.

Thinking about this, a couple of points:

  1. This is a Linux problem only (works on macOS and Win-10), so something happened in the 2024R1 for macOS when generating an app for Linux.
  2. I have a PagePanel on which everything (pretty much) occurs. Those PP panels where I’m not having an issue, have just the one control on them: a DesktopContainer which contains everything for what that panel displays. Whereas, the panels where there’s a problem have several DesktopControls or other items on them.

I have a memory that some things didn’t work well under those conditions, which is why I have some PP panels with just the one container on them - and they were implemented later than the others.

So I’m going to take one of those dodgy panels and rejig it the same way and see if that makes any difference.